LX-Series Washer Extractors

For specific fabric washing needs, or for smaller scale operations, Lavatec Laundry Technology washer extractors provide the same kind of strength, reliability with simplified control and maintenance characteristics associated with our continuous tunnel washers.

All parameters such as time, level, dosing, temperature, drum speed, reversing and cool-down can be displayed on the control panel and be run automatically, or be adjusted and controlled manually.

For exceptionally low power consumption at any speed, its single motor inverter controlled drive has the ability to apply reserve power during wash and spin cycles. High extraction rates also reduce costs through reduced drying times.

  • Compact design with minimal footprint and near-silent operation
  • Fully automated controls with touch-screen programming and diagnostic feedback
  • Time, level, dosing, temperature, drum speed, reversing and cool-down data can all be displayed
  • Process control allows all machines to be accessed from a central computer
  • Single-motor inverter controlled drive applies reserve power for wash and spin cycles for lowest energy consumption at any speed
  • High extraction rate reduces drying times
  • Easy-tilt cylinder for feeding and discharge
  • Stainless steel sealed for long-lasting performance
  • Air bag cushioning, shock absorbers and levelers assure precision performance
  • Optional automatic feeding, discharge and water recovery systems available
Pass-through washer extractors:
LX 308 80 pounds
LX 312 120 pounds
LX 320 200 pounds
LX 325 250 pounds
LX 332 325 pounds
LX 355 530 pounds
Front-loader washer extractors:
LX 425 285 pounds
LX 445 450 pounds
LX 460 600 pounds