For ultimate performance control, LAVATEC is proud to offer osLaundry. With osLaundry, your laundry can benefit from highly accurate and reproducible control technology that offers reliable and safe data registration and storage. It’s one control with one scalable software package. It means fewer, easier-to-trace problems. It offers ethernet connection to higher level systems. And it gives you different choices of operating terminals and remote diagnostic support.

osRail: With its scalable software, osRail is able to provide one software package for the entire range of your monorail systems. Sorting, soil side, clean side control systems are integrated to have one overview. It is even possible to include on the touch-screen of your tunnel washer.

osWasher: Because keeping downtime to a minimum is critical for tunnel washer productivity, osWasher meets demands for superb reliability and continuity. It’s designed for high-performance operations in secure environments.

osDryer: Individually check the status of any dryer with osDryer. In real time, see what’s being loaded, dried or unloaded. Check and change run times and temperature settings. osAir lets you do it all.

osPress: To add to your overall ability to monitor laundry activity, osPress allows you to see what’s being run through the press in real time, as well as check and adjust hydraulic pressure, membrane pressure, cycle time and more.

osDashboard: OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) helps you maximize the benefits of your machines. osDashboard helps you find real bottlenecks and points out easy ways to complete installation runs. Accessible via smart phones, tablets and laptops.

osAir: Offering more than just Cloud storage, osAir means easy access to all production and alarm data. With the Report and Alarm module, you can create your own reports as you like. osAlarm helps you find problems that cause more downtime and cost more money.

osVisual: Now you can get an overview of your complete laundry on one screen (or narrow it down to any area). Its integrated data management system ensures complete transparency of all production data, equipment and flows.