LP-Series Water Extraction Presses

What makes Lavatec Laundry Technology extraction presses different are the engineering extras that bring longer, trouble free performance. Special synthetic compounds resist high temperatures and reduce friction for press head protection, easier laundry movement and faster draining. With its unique precision-guidance system, automatic measures prevent expensive basket, arm and press head damage if any part should get out of alignment.

  • To extract the maximum amount of water from every category of washing, the proportional, variable pressure management allows programming from one to 60 bars
  • Precision basket arm guidance system assures safety and alignment to protect the press head from very expensive damage to itself and the basket
  • Precision temperature controlled oil cooling system automatically switches between water- and air-cooling for maximum efficiency
  • Heated water leaving the cooling system recycled into the tunnel wash system for additional savings
  • Special nylon-coated basket reduces fabric abrasion and provides for easier load removal
  • Special friction-reducing compound membrane material on press is high-temperature resistant
  • Heavy duty stainless steel drainage plate under conveyor belt designed to maximize additional water removal en route to dryer
  • Intuitive touch-screen controls simplify setting changes and operation
  • Diagnostic system provides a schematic of the entire press for easy trouble-shooting without opening doors
  • Modifiable discharge location can accommodate future system changes
  • Overall robust and durable design with a minimum footprint
Water extraction presses with steam- or gas-heating:
LP 560 55 pounds, max. 30 bar
LP 571 132 pounds, max 30 bar
LP 572 132 pounds, max 40 bar
LP 581 132 pounds, max 50 bar
LP 582 155 pounds, max 50 bar
LP 583 220 pounds, max 50 bar
LP Series