Ironers and Folders


To provide its customers a vast array of customizing options along with the newest advances in technology, Lavatec now offers Girbau feeding, folding and ironing equipment along with its own. The result is an unmatched array of performance-driven finishing equipment for enhancing productivity and efficiency.


The DR-Series feeders provide answers to different feeding requirements of each laundry, including duvets, king size and more. The feeder’s loading stations have an ergonomic design that can be adjusted to the height of each operator in order to provide maximum productivity with minimum effort. 300 items/hour can be achieved, depending on the article being fed in. With 3 positions, 900 items/hour can be achieved on one lane, and with 4 stations, up to 1200 items/ hour on one lane.


The Compact 5-in-One Ironing System delivers space-saving design and superior flexibility that allows medium- and high-production laundries to quickly feed, iron, fold, stack and accumulate a variety of items using up to four lanes. It generates processing speeds of up to 82-feet-per-minute; is available in 24-, 32- and 48-inch diameters with 102- and 130-inch finishing widths; and features natural gas or liquid propane (LP) heat sources.

FL-80 Flatwork Ironers boast highly flexible controls, superior efficiency, high-speed ironing and unrivaled durability. Engineered to catapult productivity at high-volume laundries, FL-80 Ironers deliver exclusive features, rigid-chest technology and remote diagnostics. Available in natural gas, steam and thermal fluid heat sources.

PC-120 Flatwork Ironers offer significant advances in control, efficiency, performance, durability and low maintenance costs. With cutting edge electronics, laundries get absolute control over all the ironing parameters. The result is a perfect balance ensuring consistently superior ironing quality. Available in steam, thermal oil and gas versions.


FL Series folders offer reliability, productivity and top finishing quality. With the FL Series you have exceptionally adaptable folders that can provide solutions for king and queen size sheets, duvets or bedspreads. And with its multi-position design, the laundry feeding belt can be adapted to all ironers on the market.

The PL-MULT multi-lane folder allows laundries to handle small items such as napkins, tea towels or pillowcases. It connects to the primary output of an FL series folder, which should have 4 independent primary fold lanes plus a table. After the primary folds programmed in the FL folder, it performs a cross-fold and stacks the items on 4 lanes.

The FT folder series is designed to adapt to the demands of each particular laundry. Providing economy and simplicity in a compact form, the FT-LITE is designed for folding towels, airline blankets and similar items. In addition, it accepts everything from small articles to large-scale items. For more features in less space, the FT-MAXI is designed for folding, classifying and stacking towels or similar items.

Compact 5-in-One Ironing System DR Series Feeders LavaRoll FL80 FL Series Folders FT Series Folders LavaFeed DRF LavaFold Multi-Lane Folder PC-80 Flatwork Ironer PC-120 Flatwork Ironers PL-MULT Multi-lane Folder