TT-Series Dryers

Lavatec Laundry Technology continues to set new standards for better finishing and higher returns with its transfer-batch-dryers. In combination with its specially designed burner, full-width heat input duct and infra-red measurement of linen surface temperatures, these dryers achieve superior results with the shortest possible drying times for minimal energy consumption.

  • Discharge doors open and close with no-maintenance cylinders
  • Can accommodate either blow-out or tilt discharge
  • Multi-phase temperature control with infrared system reduces energy consumption
  • Heat input duct extends entire depth of drum for uniform and thorough drying
  • Touch screen control panel includes diagnostic system
  • Casing design optimized for easy-access maintenance
  • Optional non-stick drum coating and automatic lint screen cleaning
  • Superb drum sealing offers option of either felt or PTEF bars
  • Other options include suction draft feeding, sprinkler and removable drum plates
Transfer tumbler with steam—or gas heating
TT 733 140 pounds
TT 735 210 pounds
TT 745 292 pounds
TT 748 413 pounds
TT 746 292 pounds (single dryer)
TT 756 462 pounds
TT 757 600 pounds
TT Series Dryers TT Series EcoDry