Introducing a new light at the end of the tunnel.

Watch your energy costs cascade down by more than 50%

Industrial laundries have to manage cost pressures from multiple directions. You need more efficient equipment to meet your revenue goals. You also need to lower CO2 emissions as much as possible and maintain quality control to keep customers happy.

At LAVATEC, when we apply our experience and ingenuity to solve problems, a cascade of innovation results. Our tunnel washers are world-renowned for efficiency, reliability, and durability. We applied those engineering strengths to create a revolutionary patented dryer technology.

In the new LAVACascade system, batches cascade through multiple dryer compartments, similar to our tunnel washers. This cuts energy costs by over half and reduces CO2 emissions with less wear and tear on the linen. The stages are as follows:

1 - Heating Up

The burner heats the batch up and maintains the temperature. No energy is lost by cooling the washing.

2 - Keep The Temperature

In a 7 minute cycle the batch changes to the second stage. The drying process is completed.

3 - Cool Down

After another 7 minutes, the batch enters the last stage. Here, it is ventilated and cooled down for further processing.

Download the LAVACascade Dryer System Brochure

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