LLT History

In 1986 the roots of Lavatec Laundry Technology (LLT) were formed with the establishment of Lavatec GmbH. Then, as now, the mission of the company has been to bring to the commercial laundry market technical innovations applied with design simplicity into durable machinery expertly crafted for long-lasting productivity. The key to the success of our mission has always depended on maintaining an elite team of engineers, designers, technicians and craftsman who take pride in manufacturing the best. Their work has produced continuous tunnel washers, extractors, dryer and finishing systems that have gained worldwide application and world-class stature.

Over the years the company has acquired the types of firms that have broadened our technical expertise, increased our production capacity and expanded our service and distribution capabilities. In 2010, the company was re-structured and renamed Lavatec Laundry Technology with no effect on the quality of our people and systems that continue to bring customers products Engineered for a Higher Return.

Lavatec - 1986 to 2010
1986: Lavatec GmbH founded in Bad Rappenau, Germany
1987: Building of new headquarters in the Böllinger Höfe, Heilbronn
1987: Lavatec Inc. founded in Connecticut, USA
1987: Foundation of a subsidiary plant in Sarstedt, Germany
1997: Acquisition of Ferlay France which is now known as Lavatec France
1998: Acquisition of Spencer Dunnewolt, Netherlands
2001: Acquisition of Washex, Inc. in Texas - USA
2001: Expansion of headquarters from 65,000 sq. ft. to 140,000 sq. ft.
2010: Company re-structured and renamed Lavatec Laundry Technology GmbH in Heilbronn, Germany