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New Lavatec Laundry Technology series features industry’s first Quadruple Sort small piece folder

Beacon Falls, CT – June 18, 2013 – The only place to see the laundry industry’s first Quadruple Sort folding machine will be in the Lavatec Laundry Technology (LLT) booth (3221) during Clean 2013, being held from June 20-22 at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. The Lavafold LFO 53 heads an entire new line of folders from this long-time industry leader, with a host of labor-saving, productivity enhancing features.

In addition to automated four-stack sorting capability, the Lavafold LFO 53 provides vacuum laydown on its in-feed conveyor (which typically boosts worker productivity 10 to 12 percent), crossfold by blade for crisper, sharper folds, and first-fold dual air jets for superior French folding on heavy items along with greater flexibility folding hand towels, blankets and garments, among other things.

The Intelligent Control system comes with an easy-to-use Touch Screen interface and over 100 program options. An adjacent video screen linked to a camera below the main deck allows an operator monitor stacking action in real time.

“New products and features such as these not only bring significant productivity and profitability advances to the laundry finishing process, they also highlight our integrated end-to-end system capabilities,” says Mark Thrasher, owner and President of LLT. “From tunnel washers through folders, we’re committed to delivering the most reliable, best engineered and most innovative technology available today.”

5-Star Vision scanning system offers unmatched flatwork quality control

Thrasher notes that another industry leading, labor-saving and quality assurance advance available in the Lavafold series is the 5-Star Vision scanning system, which will be demonstrated in the booth at the Clean show.

Three ultra-violet high-resolution cameras can process 256 graduations of RGB colors, enabling the system to sense more than 16 million colors and detecting the most minute variations in processed articles. The tri-camera setup ensures constant surveillance across the full working width of the machine as linen comes through prior to the first primary fold.

The Vision system never blinks, looks away or has a bad day. Directed by 1- to 5-Star accept-or-reject specifications programmed-in by the operator, it pinpoints linens with stains or tears at the level specified for each individual client. When it spots a defect that doesn’t pass inspection, it rejects the article instantly and automatically. No one is needed to stand and stare at linen all day.

“Our quest for the best laundry system solutions includes strategic partnering with leading global firms specializing in applications that will benefit Lavatec customers,” Thrasher says. “In our new Lavafold machines, engineering incorporates technology developed by H J Weir, the recognized leader among firms focused on laundry finishing. Along with Lavatec ironers, feeders and related options, our new Lavafold line raises the bar on flatwork productivity and output quality in any laundry operation.”

For full details on the Lavafold series and Lavatec’s complete line of tunnel washers, extractors, dryers and other products, visit Booth 3221 or

New line of folders from Lavatec Laundry Technology (LLT) includes the industry’s first Quadruple Sort folder, the Lavafold LFO 53. The unit features crossfold by blade, dual-air first-fold jets, productivity boosting vacuum lay-down and user-friendly Intelligent Controls with a Touch Screen interface.

About Lavatec Laundry Technology, Inc.
Delivering dependable commercial laundry equipment engineered for higher returns throughout their lifecycles has been the Lavatec Laundry Technology (LLT) mantra for nearly three decades. Some Lavatec-manufactured equipment has been on the job for more than a Quarter Century. A rarity among manufacturers of continuous tunnel washers, Lavatec LT offers center transfer, bottom transfer and double-drum construction options, plus a full range of readily integrated, end-to-end laundry system components: washer extractors, extraction presses, centrifuges, dryers, conveyor systems, pickers, feeders, ironers and folders. Simple design, durable construction, user-friendly operation and low maintenance are hallmarks of Lavatec LT machines. A global leader with equipment in laundry operations throughout Europe, the Far East, South and North America, in the United States alone, over 6,000 Lavatec Laundry Technology machines are in place. For additional information, visit

About H J Weir
H J Weir Engineering Co. Ltd, known as “the originator of flatwork handling technology,” has been providing separating, feeding, folding and stacking solutions for more than 50 years. One of the world’s largest manufacturers of flatwork finishing equipment, they are an unrivaled leader in innovative design and advanced controls.

Tri-camera 5-Star Vision scanning-grading system provides unmatched defect detection on new Lavafold series folding machines from Lavatec Laundry Technology. Detection and instant, automated defective-article rejection offers huge labor savings and quality control advantages for users everywhere.